Our Team

CJEM operates a Board of Directors to provide governance and oversight; an Editorial Board to validate submissions and steer the publication; and staff who accomplish all of the work that CJEM does.

Editorial Board

Editor In Chief:

Dr. Eric B. Kenny

Board Administration:

Younus Imam

Board Of Directors:

Jennifer Campeau

Sharf Chowdhury

Donna Dupont

Fire Chief Matthew Pegg

Senior Management Team:

Simon Wells, Principal

Alexander Landry, Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Tiffany Leung, Director, Business Operations

Rachelle T. Villanueva, Counsel

Communications & Engagement:

Amanda Warren (Manager)

Vanessa Nickelo

Kari O’Rourke

Editorial Board:

Darren Blackburn

Dr. Mahed Choudhury

Dr. Michel C. Doré

Dr. Sheika Henry

Dr. Patricia Martel

Bethany Moore

Dr. Balfour Spence

Alex Valoroso

Dr. Justin Veuthey

Dr. Oscar Vicente

Dr. Etsuko Yasui


Kaitlyn Boudreau (Manager)

Sara Harlow

Ronin Jong

Sophy Kurian


Keith Fredin

Strategic Initiatives:

Stanley Bennett

Eric Gloutnez

Connor Hunerfauth

Jason Tremblay

Web Developer:

Alicia Corke

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