Editorial Board and Process


Simon Wells
Founder and Principal

Dr. Justin Veuthey
Editorial Board Member

Dr. Etsuko Yasui
Editorial Board Member

Donna Dupont
Editorial Board Member

Dr. Niru Agrawal
Editorial Board Member

Alex Valoroso
Editorial Board Member

Chief Matthew Pegg
Senior Contributing Editor

Jennifer Campeau
Editorial Board Member

Dr. Michel C. Doré
Editorial Board Member

Bethany Moore
Editorial Board Member


Katie Boudreau
Operations Staff

Rosslyn Davidson

Zahrah Farooqi
Operations Manager

Alex Fremis

Alexander Landry
Strategic Initiatives Specialist

Amanda Warren
Communications and Engagement Specialist

The CJEM board provides expert advice and guidance to the staff on policy, content, organizational direction, and attracting new authors and subscribers. The editorial board reserves the final right to accept or reject submitted papers, at its discretion.

Editorial Process

Editorial Review

The editorial board reviews the proposal/abstract submission, and decides whether to proceed with a peer review. If the decision is to proceed, the paper’s lead author will be invited to submit a full manuscript and peer reviewers will be assigned.

Peer Review

The full manuscript is reviewed by peers. Reviewers may decide to reject the manuscript, to ask the lead author to revise the manuscript based on accompanying comments, or to proceed directly to the final stage.

Review of Papers

All final manuscripts will be reviewed by the editorial board for suitability for publication. The final decision regarding acceptance will be made by the editorial board, at its sole discretion. Confirmation of acceptance will then be communicated to authors.

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