About CJEM

The Canadian Journal of Emergency Management (CJEM) is a Canadian non-profit organization founded in 2020.

We are an open access online journal that publishes papers written by and for the Canadian emergency management community.

Our Vision

To sustain and nurture a national dialogue, supported by technical and research excellence, so that emergency management flourishes. We endeavor to advance the awareness, knowledge, and best practices of emergency management in Canada.

Our Mission

To create a forum in which scholars and practitioners of emergency management in Canada can influence and inform doctrine, policy, and practice with insightful and impactful contributions.

Our Values

At all times, the organization, publication, its Board members and staff will embody:


Our overarching objective is to serve the Canadian public by advancing emergency management as a profession. Indirectly but effectively, we will seek to assure the public’s safety and security by challenging emergency management professionals to achieve excellence.


We endeavour to work collaboratively and inclusively. There is an implicit trust that all of us speak with knowledge and common goals, serving the team, the professional community, vulnerable people, and our country.


We will demonstrate self-awareness and thereby demonstrate excellence. By understanding the emergency management ecosystem and the issues, CJEM and its members set their goals, measure objectives realistically and with perfect seriousness – and then achieve them.


Inquiry is the natural progression of collaboration and humility. We will not present ourselves as a forum with all of the answers and expertise; rather, we will identify and call attention to emerging strategic issues, trends, and phenomenon and earnestly seek expertise to add value to conversations about these topics.


We will practice equity in our work. We will insist on excellence for ourselves, our contributors, and our audience. People who previously may have been overlooked because of their race, gender, sexuality, religion, socioeconomic background, or indigeneity, will be seen and heard because of the value of their ideas, not their conformity or uniformity.

Partnership with York University

The Canadian Journal of Emergency Management and York University partner to advance emergency management practices. 

 The Canadian Journal of Emergency Management has partnered with York University to become the official journal of the York Emergency Mitigation, Engagement, Response, and Governance Institute (Y-EMERGE). 

 Y-EMERGE builds on York’s exceptional expertise to develop, grow, and sustain transformative and multidisciplinary research and teaching in transformative disaster risk reduction, emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. The institute exists to promote community-engaged scholarship, real-world and need-driven research, and evidence-based training to support current and future disaster and emergency management leaders across Canada and beyond. 

Read more about the partnership here.

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Interested to partner, collaborate, or volunteer with CJEM? Contact us at info@cdnjem.ca

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